Morvarid khazar hotel management

meysam seifan


Our team is committed to providing you with positive and memorable experiences throughout your stay with us and looks forward to making this the most desired trip for you. I, Meysam Seifan, Managing Director of Khazar Morvarid Hotel, am honored to be at your service. We wish you a comfortable stay in our hotel. We have prepared a paradise for you, full of love, hospitality and kindness, where you can spot the magnificent flying of restless seagulls in the sky, their wheeling and diving into waters, and you can deeply feel the beauty of nature, and to always remember the tranquility and relaxation in a green environment.

We happily welcome you to Khazar Morvarid Hotel, and invite you to taste Iranian dishes as well as other cuisines from far lands, and to stay in rooms from where you can enjoy the sight of sunrise and sunset.